Monday, March 12, 2012


I thought my wife and I were close. After 7 years of marriage and two children with one on the way...I thought we were really tight and had things figured out. I knew I admired her more than anyone I've ever known...and that my time with her was more precious every day...but let me tell you that up until a few weeks ago...I hadn't even scratched the surface of my capacity for loving her.

It has been an honor to be by her side through all of this. Her strength rubs off on me...and I find that the more I'm around her...the more I like myself. She lifts me up...and reassures me in every way. Though outward appearances might lend themselves to the perception that I am the strong one of the pair...let me be perfectly clear...her quiet and tender disposition compliment her stalwart and courageous spirit. She represents all that is good and wonderful in this world...and as I have the privilege of watching her every day...I am in awe. I can never be worthy of such a companion...but I will spend my life trying to earn her regardless of the fact that every moment I'm with her...I fall deeper and deeper in debt. She is so much better than me...and our future challenges will be met with the incredible resolve of a wonderful wife and mother...the most wonderful.

I suppose only men who truly adore their wives and love them in a way no words can describe can really understand what I mean here. I just want everyone to know how I feel about my that everyone can see the team that we are...and will forever be.

A big thank you to everyone who is helping us...just wanted you to know that we're up to the challenge...

Just hoping I can keep up with her...


  1. You two are so cute! I love you guys I am praying for you daily.

  2. How beautiful, Corbin! Too bad every one if Heavenly Father's daughters don't have that kind of love and admiration in their lives.

  3. So awesome and inspiring! Best of luck with everything. You by her side is probably what makes her want to be strong. Its the little things in life that makes us do more, be more and achieve more. Your love for your wife and kids is the kind we all dream about.