Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Following Weeks...

We had never understood what it meant to fear the unknown...until we were forced to wait an excruciating week to see the perinatologist at IMC in SLC. It felt like an eternity. To compound the emotions...I carried the casket of my dear grandfather William Weston Garrett to his final resting place just days before our appointment. Needless to say...we were all very drained. However, we have the most wonderful family and friends in the world and our support system is incredible.

The day came...and the our fears were confirmed. Our little girl has Spina Bifida with the opening in her spine just below L4. Children with Spina Bifida have very unique challenges that can vary greatly in severity. We can only hope and pray that our prayers will be answered and our little girl will have a chance at a relatively normal life.

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  1. Corbin, I don't know you but I am a friend of Amy Day's and saw her post on facebook about your family. I have a friend who's daughter has Spina Bifida. She has an amazing blog and talks about her experience with it. I thought I would pass it on so that you an look into it more. Hope this helps,

    Jenni Sohm

    On the right side of her blog it say's read Katie's story. That will tell you all about it.