Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blessings All Around

It has been a while since my last post. However, the reasons for such could not be more of a blessing to our family. Let me back up...

I want to start by again thanking those who have been helping us during this time of transition and trial. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for truly making our burden light...to the point where at times...we cannot even sense it at all. Many have taken so much of the load off our shoulders...that the confidence and peace we feel now...far surpasses what we've ever felt at any point in our lives. I wish I could thank everyone personally, for your prayers, kindness, and selfless service and donations. One day...God willing...we will have the change to thank you face to face.

We have successfully moved our little family north...to be closer to much needed family and the necessary hospitals and facilities. However, before we moved, McKenzie's brother Sam and a few of our dearest friends in Cedar City, Derek and Rob, threw one of the most impressive and touching fair well fundraisers we could have ever imagined. As many know...we are BIG into climbing. So...what could be more appropriate than not one...but TWO surprise climbing competitions with all proceeds going to our little girl's future!!! It was INCREDIBLE!!! The turnout was overwhelming and the love and support our friends and family showed us was something we could never have imagined. It was a HUGE success, and the support shown and funds gathered will go far beyond any monetary value...they will be a page in the book of our little girl's life. She will know how much she was loved.

We packed up the house...and the day to load the truck came. It was bittersweet to say the least. We were leaving our first real home. We were leaving some of our dearest friends. We were leaving...to a future that was not as clear as we might have imagined a few months ago. But, we were ready and willing to tackle all challenges...and were shown so gently...that we would NEVER be alone...we had an army at our backs to help us along.

Speaking of armies...the morning we loaded the truck...an entire battalion came to help. We have come to learn that you cannot put limitations on the amount of kindness and charity good friends can show you. We had the truck completely loaded and the house completely empty in under 2 hours!!! I felt like I didn't even do anything!!! Buddies came from as far away as St. George just to move a few boxes!!! It was hard to leave...but I know with all my heart that our lives were graced at this time by the family and friends we have for a reason. I can't express it with words...so I won't try. Suffice it to say...we love you all...and could not be more thankful and indebted to you.

We moved into our new place that same day...and again were met with the help of dear family, old friends, and new ones. We were moved in in no time. We even had a frozen pizza and some lemon bars in the fridge (provided by our dear family friend and visiting teacher). The support and kindness continues.

I have been able to secure employment through the fall that we so desperately need...and pray for additional blessings to come. I know they will...as the prayers of so many are reaching heaven in our behalf.

We are settling in and finding ourselves more in love as a family than ever before. I am convinced that when trials come...you can either pull together...or pull away. We have been sealed in every way and that has given us strength. And though our little family can take a lot...whatever we cannot carry...is being supported by the family and friends surrounding us...and a loving Savior and Father in Heaven so acutely aware of us.

All is well...and if things go as planned...we should have a new little addition in early July...let's have a parade:)


  1. Look at that belly! I am so sad you are gone and we miss you all.

  2. Haha! I know. I miss you guys so much! I have occasional homesick meltdowns. Living there was the BEST! I think it was like a fairy tale life for our kids. Come visit soon! Kenz

  3. So good to hear an update! Miss you guys :) Can't wait to come visit you guys and your sweet little angel when she comes!