Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lily Norine Allred is here...

The days, weeks, and months of waiting have come to a wonderfully eventful end. Throughout the pregnancy, joy and excitement have been countered by a sense of nervous anticipation of the unknown. Though we couldn't wait for Lily to arrive, there was a strange comfort found in the fact that we had many more tomorrows to prepare for her. Those tomorrows ran out rather suddenly on Friday June 29th.

Let me start by saying...I have been trying to keep up with my sweet wife's nesting instinct for the past few months. I have received honorary degrees in house painting, gardening, landscaping, construction etc...and am available if people are hiring. It's actually been a wonderful thing to work side by side with Kenz as we have prepared a safe and comfortable new space for Wyatt, Sky, and Lily to come home to. You'd think we approached our scheduled delivery date (7/2/12) that Kenz would heed her husband's council with regard to preparing her hospital bag. You'd think so...but you'd be wrong. For some reason she always got distracted doing something else...and she paid for it.

To catch everyone up...we moved to the Sandy/Cottonwood Heights area of Salt Lake County in early May. It is the PERFECT location for us as we are now very close to Primary Children's Hospital and the other necessary facilities as well as very dear and helpful family. We have settled in well...and I am amazed at the ability Wyatt and Sky have displayed as they've adjusted to the new environment. They are my heroes!!! We've made the home ours...and have come to feel comfortable about the space Lily was to come home to.

About a week and a half before our scheduled delivery date (7/2/12)...we found that Lily had flipped and was now breach. Because of her condition...our OB determined it was the best idea to plan for a c-section and hope she flips before delivery. Kenz was bummed. She was scared...and did not want to have a longer down time than what she would normally have with a vaginal delivery...but as we have been reminded all too often...LIFE HAPPENS...and you simply have to adjust the sails.

Thursday night (6/28/12)...we spent the entire evening out doing yard work. I told Kenz she should rest...but if you know her...well...let's just say...we spent the entire evening out doing yard work. She felt great. The next morning, we drove up to Ogden early to help Kenzie's brother move their things into the U-haul for their move. Just as we were finishing up...Kenz came to me and said, "Corb, I think we need to go to the hospital," "Are you serious? Why?" "I'm bleeding a little." I immediately reverted to my training and advanced paramedic skills...and FREAKED OUT!!! Just kidding. I was calm as a summer's morning...I simply forgot how to think, speak, talk, drive, lost all bladder control, and developed a nervous twitch. I was fine. We called the OB, he told us to come right in...and we didn't argue. Anyway...good thing was...Kenz family was there. So I gave Kenz a blessing with her dad and brother, and we left the kids with Grandma...and headed for the hospital. It was a LONG drive. I'll forgo the minor details and say...she was ready to deliver. Despite the plan...Lily wasn't going to wait. Kenz sailed through the c-section. She didn't even require anaesthesia and did it standing. Just was crazy. I assisted with some c-sections in paramedic school...but it's different when it's your sweetheart. We wanted it to be wasn't...We wanted them to pull the baby out through her belly button so there wouldn't be a scar...they didn't. But they did an AMAZING job. Kenzie's stomach still looks sexy...she still has a's just missing...and they put in staples that match her belly button ring and my nipple rings. It's perfect. Ok...we don't have body piercings...but I've been sitting in a hospital for a few days and I'm slowly losing my mind. Anyway...Lily joined the world at 4:33pm on 6/29/12. She was so tiny and beautiful. 4lbs 11oz and 18.5in. Sadly...they took Lily for assessment before Kenz even got to see her. Kenz had to go to recovery and wait almost 3 hours before even getting to touch her. Let me just say...Lily is perfect in every way that matters!!! Seriously...just perfect and gorgeous and everything we could ever want in a little girl and more. I got to spend a lot of time alone with her during the first few hours of her life as she was already so strong...never needed oxygen...just calm...and content...and sweet as can be. Lily told me that I was her favorite and that she'll always be a daddy's girl...but Kenz doesn't believe me. I told her that it's because I was the first one she saw when she opened her she thinks I'm her mom. Just kidding...but it was REALLY hard on Kenz. Kenz is the most nurturing and affectionate mother on the planet...and not being able to be with her baby is something no mother should ever have to endure.

A few hours after her birth...Lily was brought in to Kenzie's room...Kenz held her little hand for about 2 minutes...and they whisked her away to Primary Children's. I was able to go...but Kenz had to stay. It was awful for her.

Now...there were no surprises. She had a very large opening in her spine at around L3/L4. Very little leg movement or motor function below the hips. We are ever hopeful...but are resolved in the reality that she may never know what it is to walk. However, miracles can a do happen. I mean...she's here...and that's a miracle in and of itself.

She rested comfortably through the night after family came to visit. The corrective surgery was scheduled for the next morning. It was a long and anxious night. At about 2am...though Kenz felt HORRIBLE...she couldn't stand not seeing her little girl. So she braved the pain, nausea, and vomiting, and made me wheel her over to the NICU at Primary's...where she finally got to hold her (kind of) on her Lily laid on her tummy on a pillow. It was magic to get them together...and I stood in awe of my two girls...loving them both more than words can express...and idolizing them as the examples they both are to me.

I will write again soon about the surgery...and what's happened since. But I'm tired. All is well for now...and we love and appreciate you all for the support and caring. Keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming. They are working.


  1. this is honestly one of the most heartfelt things I have ever read. My little one was a miracle and true survivor and I KNOW that God is listening and ready to help you in any way he can. I have seen it happen in my own life. You and your family are in my every thought and prayer. She is truly a gift. Good Luck!

  2. Congrats! You guys are so amazing and so strong. She will be just fine with the family she came to! I love how you keep everyone updated on her progress...please keep it up. I never get to hear about any of my patients after they walk out of my room and I am forever greatful that I was able to help in the diagnosis of Lily so that you guys were able to get prepared for her. Take care, she is beautiful!

  3. What a wonderful and precious blessing. Someone has her daddy wrapped around her little finger<3.
    I am so glad that all is going well. I know that miracles do and can happen.
    Love to you all, especially Princess Lily.
    love Virginia

  4. Thanks for the update, Corbin! We've been fasting and praying for you all and love you guys so much. Give Lily a kiss from me!

  5. What a beautiful little baby! Kenz and Corbin congratulations. Miracles do happen so never stop believing in them. Thanks for the funny post I needed a laugh today. I hope your happy and well rested and that your baby girl will get better and your whole sweet family is always blessed.

  6. Dear Allred Family, Congratulations on your beautiful little Lily! I am so happy for you all! I know she will be loved and cherished. Keeping all of you in my prayers. Looking forward to more photos and updates!
    With love from Susan Cassidy
    PS--Everyone from Sunset loved Lily's pictures and sends you many good wishes.

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  8. I hope that your (Corbin Allred and/or Kenz Allred) little baby girl Lily has a wonderfull life and i hope that docters find some kind of cure for Lilys back problems. I will pray for lily every night!