Sunday, April 15, 2012

Incredible Support...

Kenz and I cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the uninhibited goodness in people. We have seen first hand over the past few weeks the profound impact the sharing of time and talent can have on a family in need. We have seen our little girls fund raiser...which began as a simple but desperate petition for help void of any real expectation of success...bloom into a unified accomplishment of immeasurable proportion achieved by so many seen and unseen angels in our midst. Our goal, a lofty one, is in reach and becoming more of a reality each day as the story of our little girl reaches so many. We feel our lives, no matter how we have lived them, could never have been so full such that our reward could warrant such tender love and compassion. We know where much is given...much is required...and we have never felt so indebted to our God, our family, and our friends. The events of recent weeks have contributed to our resolved opinion that we will forever be playing "catch up" in our attempts to pay all of these things forward...but we will.

On March 20th, some very dear friends in Provo...Emily, Sarah, Rachel and friends...threw a charity concert in their home. The talent was incredible as we watched the performances via Skype. Emotions were very close to the surface as we saw familiar and unfamiliar faces join together for a common cause. Bands played...voices and instruments rang out...and perhaps it was just the intimacy of the occasion...or the kind and loving nature of those in attendance...but this concert could have taken place in the most formal and grand venue in the world...but it would not have been more powerful or special to us. It was amazing an amazing success in every way.

Just yesterday on April 14th, one of my best friends and mentors...Cory Mince...put on a charity .22 precision rifle tournament in Springville. He is one tough guy...Iraq War combat veteran, recipient of a combat purple heart...a warrior in every way and one of my heroes. But his heart is tender when it comes to his friends...and he put every bit of it into this event. Over 30 competitors braved the cool weather, the wind, and the join their brothers for a common cause. As I shot shoulder to shoulder with them...mostly strangers...I was so humbled by the fact that many traveled long distances to support my unborn daughter. It was an incredible success and I could not have been more impressed with these men. Friendships were forged from a common interest and strengthened in the common good...and I look forward to rubbing shoulders with them again...perhaps even outshooting one or two of them someday:) We may only have a few things in common...but if I can emulate even a fraction of their kindness and support for others in need...I will be a far more confident man when I meet my God again.

I can't thank everyone enough...and I can't possibly thank everyone who has helped us in as personal a way as I would like. But please...please know that we are doing wonderfully well because of each of you. We are nervous and anxious for her arrival...but it is excitement that we feel as we look forward to the day...excited to meet her, to care for her, to love her...and to tell her about you. The light at the end of the tunnel is nearly blinding in it's brightness and luster...and though the darkness ALWAYS goes and we are ever confident in our ability to rise to any challenge. We are not many of you have made that clear.

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